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Our film services at a glance:

We bring your ideas to life through creative concepts. Our approach to producing commercials is to creatively think out of the box directly or indirectly. We produce an entertaining commercial to hit your client right on the spot and make it catchy. Contact us today for your next commercial about your product, service or ideas.

Music Videos
We house some of the best directors who can produce creative music videos from concept building to post. Our approach to music videos is simple “stick to the story”. The rule of story telling applies regardless of time constraints. At Big O.J. Films, we produce videos with detail and structure, develop characters that the audience connect and care about. Videos a medium to reach to your fans worldwide and we provide the highest in quality for television, web and mobile.

So you have a featured film, short film, documentary and you need the best director’s and film makers on set, we can arrange that. We work closely with producers, directors and actors on film projects from production to post. To us filmmaking is a well thought process we enjoy and our experience allow us to push the bar to the limit. We look forward to collaborate on projects so contact us today.

At BIG O.J. FILMS, we are committed to provide the highest standards of professionalism, creativity and quality.

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